Trends, Inspiration & Goals 2019

Trends, Inspiration & Goals 2019

1. Cartier

I find inspiration in fine jewels like Cartier, fashion, or even a stroll in the park while gazing up at the shape of a tree. Find the things that inspire you most. Take in a mental image and let your creativity flow like a river running downstream. Never stop dreaming.

2. Tilebar Art-Deco Line

The geometric shapes infused in many different styles help me create a living work of art. Never forget the old, as it is part of the past. That was the inspiration behind the Titlebar art deco line. Subsequently, this year I was selected as an honoree by Interior Design Magazine- Best of the year 2018 for my Tilebar line.

3. Cavern Clay Sherwin Williams 7701 Color of the year 2019

When inspired what colors do you see?  Colors can drastically affect your mood. Make sure that you are aware of how colors play a role in your daily life. Furthermore, colors can inspire, so reach high to create your own beautiful rainbow.

4. JF Wallcoverings, and JM Lifestyles library sink

Never settle for the same old, same old, think outside the bathroom/powder room. Let’s be honest, most of us spend a lot of time in the bathroom/powder room. However, for most, it is a brainstorming space, therefore, I wanted to create a room with a theme. The bathroom/powder room is hidden behind a bookshelf. Furthermore, the unique book-sink design was invented by the concrete atelier at JF Lifestyles, it is called woodform Concrete®. I named this space the hidden librathroom. 

5. Orbit coffee table 

Never give up, as you reach for the stratosphere. Never forget where you started and always remember the steps you took to get there. Trending is this out-of-this-world Coffee Table, by Elbra, designed by me.

6. Gucci Sandals

Inspiration-Gucci shoes, need I say more!

7. Jason Wu-Brizo

Make sure to take the time to applaud others in the same field of work. There is plenty of room at the top for such fabulous minds. Set attainable goals at first, along the way set challenges.

8. Honey Well Smart Home Security

There is nothing more valuable than the safety of my family.  I love the Honey Well Smart Home Security, easy to install. Above all, it gives me peace of mind, home or away from home. Trending-secure home.

9. Mineheart Rug

Stop! Look around you, or you might miss something. In addition, I see beautiful things beneath my feet. 

10.Elephant Candle

Smell the wonderful scents that fill the air, as smells can inspire and bring warmth to your surroundings.

Remember to set trends, inspire does around you and set your goals for 2019!

A Happy and Healthy New Year!

Vanessa Deleon xoxo