Tips for Holiday Tablescapes

Tips for Holiday Tablescapes

The holidays can bring out the most creative side in many. Especially when thinking of hosting the most fabulous family and friends gathering. However, it all starts with creating the most unforgettable holiday table setting.

Every year you will collect the most beautiful photos of family, friends and your unforgettable tablescapes. Making each holiday a work of art and enjoying every minute with these simple tips for your table setting.

First of all, the elegance and allure of using gold, copper, silver, and black are rich, and luxurious on any table. Therefore, go ahead and mix all elements on your table. Nordstrom has a nice assortment of glassware and stemware.

Placements are available in many cool shapes and colors. Coordinate them with some plates, napkin holders, and utensils. You will impress your guests with these lovely and playful patterns. Available at Bloomingdale’s.

Use decorative pieces as a name holder, also the ornaments from your tree. In addition, I use Sharpie Metallic Markers to write on place cards, invitations, holiday cards or gift tags.

For my friends using a Menorah or Kinara, use different colors and different size Candleholders. Yair Emanuel offers some great chotchkes for any table see HomeGoods, and HomeSense and offers a variety of Kinara sets.

On my list of places Home Goods and Home Sense is the adult goodie store, with a large variety of household items from A to Z. Here is a good insider tip- get there on Wednesday or Thursday, I hear that’s when they unload the trucks and fill the store with new merchandise. Another tip- if you love it, buy it! Chance are high that it won’t be there when you get back.

The Skyline dining table is from my furniture collection for ELBRA. The chairs by Perigold, console by Bernhardt, chandelier by Capitol Lighting and dinnerware by Bernardaud.

Finally, your table is set! Let the festivities begin.

Happy Holiday! From our family to yours! xoxo