Spotlight Interview: Cristina Faedi

Spotlight Interview with Cristina Faedi, Manager of Promotional Activities at Ceramics of Italy –

This week Ceramics of Italy returned to the Jacob Javits Convention Center participating in the 2019 ICFF Show. Organized by Confindustria Ceramica (the Italian Association of Ceramics) and the Italian Trade Agency, the Ceramics of Italy Pavilion featured nineteen premier brands.

Ceramics of Italy launched new products from decorative ceramics to designer collections. Futhermore, I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Italy‘s finest tile and ceramic companies. 

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This spotlight interview featuring the tile industry icon Cristina Faedi, as she informs us about Italy leading the way in innovation and design trends.            

Cristina Faedi

V-First of all, Italy is known as a leader in fashion, art and architecture. For this reason, what influences do you see Ceramics of Italy companies using when it comes to ceramic tile?

Cristina-Italy has a rich artistic heritage, which translates to many different mediums and industries including ceramic tile. Ceramic is a historic material that has been used for both function and decoration for centuries – from drinking gourds to the floors of ancient Rome. Over the past 70 years, with the advent of new digital printing and pressing technologies,

Italians have revolutionized the ceramics industry with new surfaces, formats and applications in addition, pulling influences from macro design trends and fashion houses. Also, they are using rare and common materials found in nature.

You can get a glimpse into the story and passion behind Italian ceramics in this video directed by Francesca Molteni.

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V-What design trends are you seeing in the Italian tile industry?

Cristina-Nature is a continuous muse for Italian companies, which can be seen in hundreds of tiles on the market emulating marble, stone and wood in a plethora of formats and designs – from planks that look like hand oiled wood to rare conglomerate stone found in one small lake town. As we all know, Italian companies are very inventive and like to continuously experiment with color, pattern and surface design. Furthermore, some of the big design trends in this arena are big florals, fragmented patterns and encaustic designs.

Ceramics of Italy companies are very keen at tracking the latest lifestyle trends and creating products that meld into contemporary design.

Video-Vanessa- full-body porcelain tile and no off-gassing- by DECORATORI BASSANESI.

V-What are the newest tile applications available to designers in the U.S. market?

Cristina-Ceramic tile is an incredibly versatile material. Sizes can vary from 1″x 1″ micro mosaics to giant porcelain slabs up to 5.25′ x 10.5′ and thicknesses can range from 3mm all the way up to 30mm (1.18″)! This translates into an incredible scope of applications, not only as a traditional floor and wall covering material but also as outdoor pavers, kitchen countertops, furnishings and ventilated facades.

Video-Vanessa using FLORIM on residential and commercial project. She also shows the amazing design trends and uniques innovation of 3D Wall Art-Tile by RILIEVI.

V-Where can designers find Italian tile in the U.S.

Cristina-Italian tile can be found in thousands of tile and flooring distributors and retailers throughout the U.S. You can view our product library to find a company that suits your taste or project needs, as well as where their tiles are carried. Additionally, you can visit your local tile dealer and look for the Ceramics of Italy trademark to ensure that you’re buying tile of high quality, design and durability.

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V-Why choose Italian ceramic versus tile from other countries such as Spain or Brazil?

Cristina-Italians lead the way in creativity and innovation offering superior customer service. Many companies will recommend installation products for their tiles including color-matching grout and underlaying systems to simplify the specification process. As well as offering custom printing to match a specific Pantone color or digital print high res image or company logo.

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