Brownstone Pancake Factory-Edgewater


Image of BPF Cafe Brownstone-Ceiling in cafe Image of BPF Cafe Brownstone Pancake Factory Cafe Brownstone Pancake Factory Cafe Images of BPF Booth seating Image of BPF counter Area Image of BPF dining area Images of BPF Dining area

About This Project

Brownstone Pancake Factory Restaurant Design in Edgewater, NJ. Designed to make you flip upside-down!

The Brownstone Pancake Factory Restaurant designed from the ground up or in this case, from the ceiling down. Sky and garden murals accompanied by real brick facades, and faux grass. Also, a park-like setting complete with benches, lamp posts, and bicycles are flipped upside down. In addition, Vanessa placed a bit of nostalgia, using custom newspaper wall covering. The wall covering featuring clips from the grand opening of the original Brownstone Pancake Factory (circa 1968). The dining area incorporates a chic industrial look that makes the space fun and inviting.


Edgewater, NJ

diner, Eatery, industrial chic, interior design, juice bar, pancake factory