June Is The Most Popular Month for a Wedding - Vanessa Deleon
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June Is The Most Popular Month for a Wedding

This month will mark our five-year wedding anniversary. The five-year milestone is traditionally known as the wood year, symbolizing strength and bond in a marriage after the most powerful two words… I DO!

Christian Louboutin “I DO” Shoes

Wedding Ideas

Come join me as I walk up memory lane for a wedding well designed and my over the top wedding ideas.

Ascension Greek Orthodox Church Fairview, New Jersey

In the past, it has been tradition for fathers to give away their daughters. However for our wedding I decided the two people that meant the most, my mom and dad, would escort me down the aisle. We personalized our vows, omitted the word obey and in the presence of our family and friends, we tied the knot. 

Inside Grand Central Terminal

A Wedding In New York City

Even the Goddess Juno (June is named after) would approve of a wedding in New York CityWe wanted all our friends and family to attend our joyous event. In order to make this possible we decided that there was no better place in the world than the heart of Manhattan. 

Pershing Square bridge, leading to the Grand Central Terminal Station

The Perfect Wedding Venue Cipriani 42nd

Built in 1923, Cipriani’s classical architectural element mimic the tenth-century Italian church. Formerly known as the Bowery Savings Bank Building. The old teller stations still standing as part of a nostalgic architecture. Towering marble columns, endless red pantile ceilings, marble flooring, and dramatic crystal chandeliers, embodies the spirit of old-world class luxury and sophistication.

The old teller stations still standing as part of a nostalgic architecture.

Wedding Decor

Every wedding needs a theme, and mine, definitely, Romantic! The romantic theme wedding  encompass elements of tradition and old world classic vibe.

Ciprianis 42nd Street Reception Hall

The Little Details Count

If you want your wedding to be unique and special don’t forget about the little details. Here are a few of mine.

XV Save The Date Card

Send Personalized Save the Date Cards

The cards will give your guests a clue about the look and style of your wedding. You can also consider sending something that suits your personal style or hints about the wedding location.

XV Wedding Invitation-Card Stock

Wedding Invitations

Today there are many different style stationery and card stock. For instance, if planning a princess wedding in Disney, a fairytale book invitation will be perfect for you. The options are endless.

Votive Candles

Wedding Place Holders

Instead of place card holders, we used votive candles. There are many other great options, if your theme is rustic, a piece of polished wood with the name engraved adds a quaint touch.

Candles and Flowers Centerpiece

Create DIY Wedding Centerpieces

A DIY wedding centerpiece is unique and adds a personal touch to any table. Above-a glass tray in the center of the table, half-way full with water, floating tea light candles, and flower petals add a welcoming touch.

Cipriani guest table setting

Create The Perfect Lighting

I was fortunate that our venue had the option of lighting. With deep old world reds, a hue of blue and violets gave the room that romantic feel. Make sure to pick out the best lighting that blend in with you decor or theme.

Greek Band

Wedding Entertainment

In a traditional Greek wedding, what would we do without a traditional Greek band? Make sure that you hire the appropriate band. You don’t want a Greek band at an Italian wedding, unless the Italian wedding party loves Greek music. Many bands will offer to perform live, if not possible, make sure to listen to their latest live CD before you commit. Also, it’s a good idea to have a DJ and switch between the two.

Be Different! Hire A Cuban Master Cigar Roller

My Cuban heritage and hubby’s love for cigars, gave me the idea to hire a Master Cigar Roller to hand roll cigars and pass along to our guests. Think of something you both love and as crazy as it may be, within reason, incorporate into your wedding event. Nevertheless, if you love magicians hire one to go around entertaining the crowd.



Have Your Pet Be Part of The Special Event

Although many venues won’t allow your pets to participate, make them part for your day. Dress them for the event. Furthermore, if you have well behaved pets, they may be able to escort the bride or groom down the aisle.

XV Gift Bags

Wedding Favors

At the end the night guests receive a personalized gift from the bride and groom. In addition, a table of confectionery with baggies can be provided fill the bag for your ride home.

If you have a budget you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner.

Outside Cipriani 42nd Street Restaurant

Above all, there is no magic sauce to keeping a marriage together, but keep one thing in mind, never go to bed angry and make sure to kiss each other goodnight.

Happy Anniversary My Love! 

XOXO Vanessa Deleon