Medical Facilities Design Post COVID-19

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Medical Facilities Design Post COVID-19

Medical Facilities Design Post COVID-19

Without a doubt COVID-19 pandemic has changed the professional workplace design. As many medical offices are planning to transition their employees back into the workspace. It is important to create and promote safety while simultaneously optimizing productivity. Therefore, the physicians should continuously reinvest in their business by changing the aesthetics, sprucing up their space, offering a safe environment and adding new technology to enhance the workplace.

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How does the patient feel?

Patients often hope to come out of the doctor’s office feeling better. The ambiance should be one that’s soothing and welcoming. The Medical waiting room is the key area to start the mental process on the patient’s journey to their well-being. Moss walls add a touch of nature to the workplace, providing a calming atmosphere. Moss cleans and oxygenates the air contributing to a healthy environment. In addition, consider updating the waiting room furniture. Today furniture can do both look and feel good. It is important for the office furniture to be flexible, yet durable, leaving out the compromise for comfort.

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Set the mood with Lighting- color-wall covering

If you have florescent lighting, reconsider natural lighting. Also adding skylights or windows into the space that does not allow the option of windows. Opt for faux lights, which mimics a real one. Consider pendant lighting to add some style. Don’t be shy about adding colors, it’s okay to go with a splash of color or a textured wall covering for your accent wall. Paint that’s antimicrobial? Today there are paints and wall coverings that provide Antimicrobial additives to protect against harmful bacteria.

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Safety in the workplace distancing design

Social distancing design is now part of the design concept. It is important to consider the queuing order. Social distancing protocols are addressed before the patient enters the medical facility. Implementation of entry spaces, such as vestibules, allow the patient to be in a holding pattern before entering. Also providing shelter in possibly bad weather.

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Designers Take A Leading Role

Finally, designers have a leading role to create a safer environment in the healthcare space post-COVID-19. Developing strategies along with the CDC’s protocol on social distancing and avoiding contact will allow us to provide the patients with the safest space possible.