Let’s Talk Tile!

Let’s talk tile, but first, let’s talk about the drive behind my Art Deco line for Tilebar . My inspiration, the Art Deco era, for me it’s twofold, partly the geometric form of the Barcardi (a distant relative) building in Cuba, and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s great American novel, The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald’s inspiration for The Great Gatsby, the roaring 20s parties he attended in Long Island, also known as the Hampton’s. Inspired by the Art Deco Era, my design vision was the feel of the roaring 20s ascending into 2019.

Art Deco Starburst By Vanessa Deleon 24×24 Mosaic Tile-Layout

Let’s talk tile!

Introducing my Art Deco line for Tilebar, Art Deco Ponte, and Art Deco Starburst. Dare to transform any space into a work of art? If yes, the unique geometric shapes were designed to create optional patterns for any interior walls or floors.

Art Deco Starburst & Ponte by Vanessa Deleon

How to create your favorite look? Tile can be laid in one room with your own creative design pattern. Although the tile has the same pattern, you have the option of transforming the floor or wall to your own personal style.

Art Deco Starburst by Vanessa Deleon 24×24 Mosaic Tile-Layout

Let’s spice it up!

Layout variations for Art Deco Starburst and Ponte mosaic tile can make a room appear larger when joining the white linear pattern. Want to spice it up? Another option is to combine the Art Deco line using an accent wall and adding the Antique Mirror or Nero Marquina, from the VZAG collection.

Art Deco Starburst by Vanessa Deleon

Art Deco Ponte by Vanessa Deleon

Before you make a decision on where to purchase your tile, make sure to visit the Tilebar Showroom . Furthermore, a Tilebar expert will make your visit not just a visit, but an experience. Tilebar’s staff is highly experienced to Talk Tile!

Vanessa Deleon xoxo