Key By Amazon-How To Decorate Around Your Smart Home Devices

Key ByAmazon

My day starts bright and early. As a busy mom and business owner, my number one priority is knowing my family is safe when I’m out and about. Whether I’m on a job site or my assistant is dropping off some decorative items, I’m happy to get an extra hand from Key by Amazon.

Key by Amazon includes a compatible smart lock, the Amazon Cloud Cam and a user-friendly mobile app for total control over the front door. These technological gems fit right in with my elegant décor. The sleek and cool design makes it easy to decorate around the smart home devices.

Here are some ideas to help you decorate around your smart home devices:

Your Front Door

Since the front door is an integral part of the home design, make sure to use neutral hues, such as gray, blue, or make a statement with the color black in a satin finish (like I did). The black door sets off the decorative pieces. A unique antique brass door knocker can make your first impression memorable. Add some modern sconces to brighten the front exterior, and you get an A+ for curb appeal.

Installing the smart lock that’s compatible with Key by Amazon is the best thing I have ever done. My favorite feature is the keyless entry; I used the Yale 226 that comes in chrome, nickel, and bronze. No more digging for keys inside my bag, especially when my hands are full. I can give my assistant a door code so that she can easily drop items off and set them in my foyer when I’m out of town.


Your Entryway

The Amazon Cloud Cam is a super small indoor security camera. The device captures activities at my entryway, in real time. Its two-way talk feature lets me chat with guests when I’m on the fourth floor in my home office.

The Cloud Cam can be mounted on a wall or placed on a flat surface.  I like putting mine on my mantle with a black and white glass candle similar in height to the aesthetically pleasing Cloud Cam.  Add a clear crystal that is taller than the other accent pieces for a definite “wow” factor. Another creative way to decorate your Cloud Cam is to use colorful vinyl wrap covers available in many different colors and styles.

I love every minute of my day knowing that Key by Amazon is readily accessible from my Smartphone since my priority is knowing my family is safe when I’m out and about.

How do you use smart home technology to improve your life?

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