How To Pick Tile

How To Pick Tile

How to Pick the Tile

Tile dates back to thousands of years as evidence is found by continued excavations in different places throughout the world. Today, major designs and influences contributing to tile are deeply rooted in places like Italy and Spain. Nevertheless, tile has stood the test of time, and it continues to be the preferred choice in residential, commercial, institutional and hospitality.

Why is it important to pick the right Tile?

Why is it important to pick the right tile? Selecting the right tile can get a bit confusing. It’s time to take the guesswork on how to pick the right tile, so take some notes, and see which one you may use in your next project.

Here are a few:

Ceramic Tile made of natural clay, hardened at high temperatures, and finally coated with a glaze. The body of the ceramic tile can vary depending on the type of clay and other natural materials used. They are durable and come in many colors and shapes. Also known for moisture resistance. Common use in flooring, kitchens, and bath.

Porcelain Tile is known to be a lot harder than Ceramic, and baked at much higher temperature it is dense and very strong. This tile is also made of clay and other natural materials. It is highly moisture resistance and extremely durable. Common in kitchens, floors, and bath.

Steven’s Cafe & The Chen Agency Floors: Italian Tile by Soleras Avana Chevron Pattern Porcelain Tile available at Tilebar.

Carrara Marble Counter Top Avenue on the Hudson

Natural Stone comes from a variety of mineral substances like marble, slate, quartzite, granite, sandstone, limestones, and others. Natural stones have stood the test of time and are very popular. It is available in large slabs and you can get them with a matte or gloss.  Carrara marble is one of the most common and popular marble, it is known for its white with gray hues. Common in flooring, kitchens & bath.

St. Martin Villa The Safari Room- Bathroom-Mosaic Shower

Mosaic Tile made-up of small pieces of colored glass, stone or other materials. They are available in many designs. The mosaic tiles come with a mesh backing consisting of smaller pieces. Common in baths, walls, accent pieces, backsplash, and pools.

Waterjet Tile?

Yes! My favorite, the Waterjet Tile…

V-Zag Line Vanessa Deleon for Tilebar

Waterjet Tiles made of stone, cut with high pressured water jets and can include inlays of glass, metal or mirror. Available in many luxurious and unique designs. Common in kitchens, bath, walls, and floors.  Also, check out my tile designs trending on Pinterest and Instagram.

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