How Do You Keep Everything So Neat and Organized?

How Do You Keep Everything So Neat and Organized?

The biggest question I often get is, “How do you keep everything so neat and organized?”

Sometimes I feel like the threads of my dress are coming apart, but this little voice inside my head reminds me, “Vanessa, it’s time to get organized.” So, I quickly get that needle out and sew up the seams. Yes, folks, that voice, it’s my mother’s. I hear her reminding me to stitch things up before it all falls apart.

Organization has been a pet-peeve of my mother’s ever since I could remember. Like a Sargent in the army, she’d march, not walk, march into our rooms and spot check to see if it was clean and organized. I mean SPOT CHECK! There was no fooling mom, no sweeping the stuff under the bed or into the closet. She would look under and inside to make sure it met her standards. It wasn’t an obsession; it was a way of life.

One family member, I have changed their names in order not to incriminate. James called my mother, asking her to help his wife organize their home. Happy to assist, like a hurricane, my mother spent the entire day working on two floors of total domestic chaos. To avoid a confrontation emanating from the emotional attachment to things that no longer fit or were too old to even keep, she had James plan an early evening out with his wife. After returning home that night, they found six full garbage bags marked for the dumpster and one garbage bag marked Goodwill.

Starting in early May, we are sharing Mom’s organization skills with our clients and we are offering organization services:

Here is an interview with my Mom, Bobbi, to help answer some questions regarding organization.

How do we get your services?

You can go on to our website, and look for the organization tab and click. A contact screen will appear, just fill it out, and someone will call back to discuss your needs.

What are the specifics services offered?

It varies- we will offer not only organize your home, but your place of business as well. We can do your entire house or office. We will be specific to rooms and can include personal shopping if needed.

Will the services include cleaning?

Yes, but it will be light cleaning. We don’t want to be known as a cleaning service. We want to be known for our organizing services.

What will these services cost?

We will charge hourly.

What benefits we can expect from your services?

Organization saves us time by making us more efficient. Time is the only resource which we can not get back. Research shows that people gain a sense of peace and serenity in a chaotic free environment. If your house is upside down, you need to get your house and office in order, therefore your life and business will follow.