Zorana Selakovic

Zorana Selakovic, was born in Belgrade, Serbia and moved to United States for education. She has an associates degree in Studio Art from Gordon College as well as Bachelors of Science in Interior Design from Georgia Southern University. Zorana’s inspiration to become a designer comes from her parents and family that always encouraged her to pursue her dreams, but the greatest inspiration comes from her aunt, Rada Selakovic, one of the world-renowned artists in Serbia. Zorana has been working for Vanessa DeLeon Associates for over five years and she considers Vanessa DeLeon as her greatest mentor.

She has inherited technical, creative and business aspects of design from Vanessa. As an interior designer at Vanessa DeLeon Associates, Zorana has been a part of many residential, commercial and hospitality projects from concept to completion. She provides her assigned clientele with space planning, architectural drawings, digital and board presentations, project managing, etc