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What does Vanessa Deleon, Picnic by Design (DIFFA), Coco Chanel & Cuba Have in Common?

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What does Vanessa Deleon, Picnic By Design(DIFFA), Coco Chanel and Cuba have in common? As a designer, I find myself constantly inspired by a place that now has become the curiosity of many inquisitive minds. It is often  that I dissect the meanings behind the artwork, or the tiles in a particular space in this alluring time warp called Cuba. I am fascinated by the buildings’ architectural and Art Deco that liven up the streets of Cuba.Read More

Design with Autism in Mind

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Vanessa Deleon at VDA: Starrett Lehigh Building http://www.starrett-lehigh.com

Designing with Autism in Mind

When choosing colors for children, we automatically think of primary colors: red, yellow and blue. Although these colors are used in many classrooms and kid’s bedrooms, for the child on the spectrum, these colors can be sensory overload. There are many components to creating a safe and organic environment without compromising the design. Here are some tips!… Read More

Mars and Venus Don’t Need to Collide in the Bedroom…

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Vanessa Headshot By: Vanessa Deleon

He likes blue, she likes pink, she wants the bigger closet, he settles for the smaller one. Ultimately these two need to live in harmony. As a design expert, I never thought of a degree in couples counseling, but lately, yup you guess it, Marriage Counselor Designer Extortioner. I had a great time helping couples on the show that I hosted called “Your Place is a Dealbreaker” on spaces TV, Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.Read More

Home for the Holidays

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The holidays are here and if you haven’t started yet, now is the perfect time to spruce up your home. No matter how big or small every detail can make a dramatic difference. This week I wanted to share some tips on updating your spaces without doing a complete overhaul… Just in time to impress family and friends.

Rugs are first on my list. I’m obsessed with over dyed rugs, available in many different patterns and shapes sprucing up any area in the home.… Read More


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The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is the one of the largest media events in New York City. The shows are the initial launch of an international tour that introduces the latest style developments and provides brand exposure. Typically the shows predict the hot colors and trends for the upcoming season. Fashion week grabs the attention of millions allowing designers to make impressions and create opportunities and connect with the industry. Housing the leading designers and the next generation of budding talent from all over the globe.… Read More