Concept to Completion: A Designer’s Inspiration at the AD SHOW

This year I am honored to be an important and influential component to one of the greatest decorating events in New York, The Architectural Digest Design Show. Where I will be running as the moderator on “How to Reboot your Home.” Also, look out for my Tweets, Instagram takeover and AD Blog Sponsorship as I send out my favorite picks. This event is perfect timing since my hubby and I are building another home. Now it’s time to create the design for the most demanding customer I will ever have, my other half! Usually, I am the psychologist or a mediator between couples during the design consultation. Finding the perfect design that is going to fit two A-typical personalities is like trying to fit two 10 pounds of potatoes into a 5-pound bag. My hubby loves contemporary, and I love French provincial, finding a happy median for both visions can be a difficult task. If not careful, may be grounds for couples counseling sessions. So I thread lightly, putting myself to the ultimate test and work out the strategies I share with my clientele. Creating a home design for others gives me the opportunity to live vicariously through my clients. Many styles race through my head when I think of designing for myself from modern, eclectic, contemporary, French Provincial, art nouveau, classic and traditional.

There are many things when designing a home that couples need to take into consideration, such as what is inspirational to both. This concept is the first thing I discuss with clients as I encourage them to share their vision with each other. Implementing a couple’s inspiration board is an excellent tool providing the vision of colors, fabrics, style, differences, and similarities that can bring the design concept into harmony and unison.

Start with a journal, writing down the things you love in your home. It may be a True refrigerator or a stove from La Cornue. Interview your hubby, as it is important if he wants the wine unit throughout the entire kitchen area and you may decide you want storage space instead. Don’t be afraid to draw some ideas in your journal.  Share the journal with your hubby and make adjustments if needed.

Visit places like the Architectural Digest show, opening March 17th to the trade and to the public on Friday, March 18-20. This show is a way to find inspiration in decorating a home. You will see the latest state-of-the-art appliances from True Manufacturing and La Cornue. Also, visit Tile Bar featuring my latest Glamalistic Tile Collection. There are over 400 brands at the show you won’t want to miss this event. Pack some comfy shoes, bring your journal since you will write from concept to completion, I know I will.