Outdoor Design with Memorial Day Weekend in Mind

Making the outdoor design look like you’re indoor’s begins with the right combination of material, form, and function. If you’re tired of the old white plastic chairs and tables from grandma’s backyard and the sun umbrella unsteadily tilted in the insert of the picnic table, which during high-winds would catapult like a rocket in mid-air taking a dive into the neighbors pool, you can bet this was the outdoor furniture of the past.

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Left: Amagansett, Center: Hotel in Cuba, Right: Elements http://www.lampsplus.com/products/outdoor-furniture/feature_sets/

In an ERA of Modernism Ernst Hemingway, and old Cuban rattan or Rotan material primary used in wicker furniture was also furniture of the past. But no need to get rid of the classic old outdoor originals, if you’re lucky enough to find old wicker made of Oriental Seagrass or Bamboo. These pieces can make an eclectic statement in any outdoor scheme or setting. The colors of these old pieces are lighter, but can be mixed in with a stunning contemporary design making a bold connection of the past meets the future in outdoor furniture. Many of the Rattan looking furniture today are weather-repellant polyethylene strands that are hand–woven over a premium quality aluminum or steel frames. They are highly resistant to fading, cracking, and mildew, holding up to the unforeseen elements.


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Left & Center: True Manufacturing outdoors http://www.truemfg.com  Right: Sony Speaker- lighting www.sony.com

Today outdoor furniture is made with the indoor lifestyle in mind. An extensive range of premium quality and highly weather-resistant fabrics that appeal both indoors and out are available. Also-technology in outdoor designs are readily available with such an enormous amount of outdoor collections from sound systems, wall sconces to hanging chandeliers, LED lighting in all shape, colors, and styles. Also, there are appliances that you can incorporate into the outdoor design, such as kitchen appliances, wine and beer dispensers. We have come a long way in outdoor design and technology. Within the last forty years, improvements have been made incorporating proper wirings, such as GFCI, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter installed for safety purposes, especially when using electrical components outdoors.


Royal Botania http://www.ernest-ny.com/

Personalize the outdoor space: Create a mood that appeals to your outdoor living, if you like entertaining add some fun furniture, a combination of comfortable cushioned chairs, sofa, and colorful stone table tops made of weatherproof materials will liven up any space. Add a fun adult swing, enjoy a good book, meditate or just sit in that comfy spot in your yard.

Do’s and Don’ts: Don’t accessorize with non-outdoor items, unlike my grandmother, make sure that furniture and umbrellas are safe and secured in any weather. Do your homework on outdoor furniture there are tons of options. Remember not to be afraid to mix some old with new, use fabrics and umbrellas with colors that pop to make the synergies flow from the inside to the outside of the home.

Add a bed to the outdoors: Ever dreamed of sleeping in your backyard?  Some lounge chairs offer a single sleeper, and some turn into a full-size sleeper.

Fabrics: Don’t be afraid to use different types of fabric’s outdoors; a good interior designer will be able to find the perfect fabric to decorate the pergola or chairs.

Sunny areas- consider the umbrella: Use stand-alone umbrellas made of superb acrylic, A-grade teak or aluminum ribs and hub on a stainless steel pole are elegant and complements any setting with an integrated winding system. Available in an array of colors, add a red top for a punch to the backyard.

Add some outdoor carpets: Pick from a selection of colors and textures available in outdoor carpeting, for any outdoor room. Also, you can DIY if you like to install a full area.

Revamp The Picnic Table:

Color Used SW 6879 DaringColor Used SW 6879  Daring  https://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/inspiration/project-center/picnic-table-revamp/

DIY by revamping the old picnic table, using a fun pop of color you can make any picnic table look new again. Just choose from a wide variety of options in the Sherwin-Williams palette. https://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/inspiration/project-center/picnic-table-revamp/

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