The Art Of The Deal In A Relationship

The Art Of The Deal In A Relationship

The most important thing when moving in together is not to break-up the relationship due to different interior needs, but to master the art of the deal when sharing the space. In the interior design business, I meet with couples that have very different interior ideas, which puts me right in the middle of the war zone. This by far is the most challenging part of the interior design business, trying to get a couple to come to the table to negotiate can be daunting. Here are some cute ideas to the art of the deal:

A pinch of salt for luck

You love the black and bronze in the kitchen, but your partner prefers all-white, invite your partner into the kitchen to prepare a meal together as part of the negotiation strategy. Many deals have been made over a delicious meal, getting your partner to agree while soothing the palette and ultimately their tummy may give you the upper hand. And don’t forget to mix in a lot of laughter with your deal.

A little garlic, please

Find a way to Compromise-if your partner wants an 80-inch LED SMART TV, and you want the 40 inch, meet in the middle with a 65 inch, it may be perfect.

Some pepper

Your significant other may want a pool table, you want a ping pong table, but your space is limited and can’t accommodate both. Communication is key, you can suggest to your partner that the pool table looks better at the local bar and what a great incentive for a date night. Another option would be to go with your designer’s suggestion and get the pool table that converts into a ping-pong table.

Now some fun!

The key to the art of the deal when sharing the space is to Compromise, communicate, laughter and a qualified interior designer to guide you both out of the war zone and into the LOVE ZONE.

Happy Valentine Everyone!  Vanessa Deleon Bournias