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Wedding Planning Tips

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The best time to take pictures is before the ceremony. It’s a special moment privately between the bride and the groom to be. You can get a great shot of that first look in wedding attire. A lot of people wouldn’t decide to do this because of the traditional “first look” at the ceremony. If you don’t get a long with your photographer DO NOT hire them. You are going to be spending the most time with them and if you can’t stand them it will ruin your day!… Read More

Decorating Your Studio Apartment

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~Find multi functional pieces for your apartment, something that looks great but can also be used for storage ie: an ottoman.

~Use mirrors to reflect light, this can virtually expand the room.

~Use dividers to try to create different area if you have a larger space. If you have a smaller space you can still create dividers by using a ceiling track and window drapes featured in the picture below.… Read More

Men’s Fashion & Design that I love for 2013

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Ferrari Coffee table.

Ferrari Coffee Table

Amazing shadow box table with a crushed Ferrari. Great way to display your favorite car with pieces from a junk yard….lets just hope it wasnt yours! Display box comes in different colors to match your personal decor.



Estimated at $80,000 might want to pre-order yours today!




Gold is really hot right now! The watch is a little edgy but still nice to wear when dressing up.… Read More