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Same Design with Two Different Budgets

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Dont jump on the first thing you see, make sure you do your research! Doing so can save you a pretty penny….

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More expensive version:


Rug- Dwell Studio: $788.00


Bed-Zantique: $2,113.00


Chest/nighstand: Worlds Away: $937.50


Black pillow- ZGallerie: $130.00 each


Yellow Pillow: Z-Gallerie: $89.95 each


Lamp: Barbara Cosgrove: $669.00 each


Total: $4,727.45

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 4.08.52 PM


Less Expensive Option:


Rug-Z-Gallerie: $499.95


Bed- Overstock: $711.99


Chest/nighstand-Amazon: $399.99


Lamp-ORE Int.: $95.00


Black pillow- Amazon: $20 each


Yellow pillow-Bed Bath& Beyond:$14.99


Total: $1,741.92



Savings= $2,985.53….not bad 😉



















 … Read More

Decorating a Fire Mantel

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Decorating a fire mantel can be a lot of fun! There is an infinite amount of things you can do to create that special focal point in the room. The design of a mantel can change from holiday to holiday or from season to season. There are great finds in stores such as Home Goods and Pier 1. Other great options like the ones shown below can be found online such as; Zgallerie, Global views, and made goods.… Read More

Office Environment

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A good office environment is important! You want your employees to want to work, to feel comfortable, and love the environment that they are in. Good aesthetics will boost everyone’s morale and spirit! Here are a few tips!

Lighting is very important in an office space. Make sure your space has great natural sunlight, if that’s not possible at least ensure that your space has a common area with natural sunlight.… Read More

Launch of VDA Virtual Design

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VDA is so excited to share the launch of Virtual Design!




(June 2013 – New Jersey/New York) Ask any designer and they will say the same thing. The Internet has changed the game. Vanessa DeLeon, celebrity designer and Principal of Vanessa DeLeon Associates (VDA) has her finger on the pulse of the 21st Century and is poised to make her mark in the digital economy.  … Read More


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If you are looking for a relaxing Caribbean destination to travel to, try Anguilla!

I had the pleasure of experiencing this side of the Caribbean while traveling to Saint Martin on a design project.

Anguilla is located in the Caribbean. It’s close to Saint Martin, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Great beaches & amazing food!!

Best places to stay while in the small island of Anguilla are ViceRoy and CuisinArt.… Read More

The Great Gatsby’s Influences for the 21st Century

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If you are looking for that Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby look here are some great fashion tips!
Brooks Brothers came out with a new Gatsby line with all recycled fashion from the 1920’s for men and women!
Loving this look!!
Geometric printed dresses, liberty printed scarves, deco jewelery, deco clutches, T-bar shoes, peter pan collars, tassels, fringes, and beads were all extremely popular in the 1920’s and they are making a come back for women!!… Read More

Amazing and Unusual Restaurants Around the World

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Tree House, New Zealand

So cute! This restaurant was designed by Peter Eising and Lucy Guantlett from Pacific Environments Architects. This restaurant tree house is 30 feet high. It can hold up to 30 guest. unfortunately it no longer operates as a restaurant and is not open to the public. The venue solely operates for private functions.

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 1.51.01 PM

Ithaa, Maldives

Now this is awesome! This restaurant is 16 feet below sea level and has seating for 14 people.… Read More

Wedding Planning Tips

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The best time to take pictures is before the ceremony. It’s a special moment privately between the bride and the groom to be. You can get a great shot of that first look in wedding attire. A lot of people wouldn’t decide to do this because of the traditional “first look” at the ceremony. If you don’t get a long with your photographer DO NOT hire them. You are going to be spending the most time with them and if you can’t stand them it will ruin your day!… Read More

Harlow NYC

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You are automatically impressed as soon as you walk down the hallway into Harlow. It’s a great new hip seafood restaurant in midtown area. The decor in this restaurant is amazing, former Nobu managing partner Richie Notar has done a phenomenal job on the selections of decor. From the moldings to the chandeliers down to the paint color and zebra print menus. Notar has recruited a young cook named Danny Ye from the Nobu chain to oversee the kitchens. … Read More